WhatsApp Plus Apk Download For Android Mobile – Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus Apk: Today’s modern era has become advance in terms of communication. Well, I am talking about one of the most popular and trending messaging App called Whatsapp. Everyone loves messaging and chatting with our loved ones, and Whatsapp has just made it easy and convenient for us to chat instantly. Whatsapp is a free messaging app that allows you to communicate with your loved ones regularly for free. This free messaging app is compatible with any device, and it is no doubt one of the most downloaded App and loved by millions of people globally. So to make it more easy and convenient, WhatsApp has also introduced the similar app called Whatsapp Plus.

Whatsapp Plus is the latest messaging app that comes with user-friendly and has come with more exciting features added. WhatsApp Plus has been modified newly by the Whatsapp developers. So, in this article, I will be sharing you the exciting features of this latest Whatsapp Plus messaging app that has been made available for devices like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows phones.

WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version
WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus Apk For Android – Free Download

If you are wondering whether there are any good WhatsApp Plus alternative, then worry not because we have already reviewed two amazing alternatives for it. The first alternative is the original WhatsApp Apk which we all know and next alternative is GBWhatsApp Apk that can be downloaded by following our guide.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Apk:

Whatsapp Plus has amazing and exciting features in store everything you need to know. So, let’s take a look at these amazing features.

The new Whatsapp Plus comes with blue color icon while the original Whatsapp has a green color icon. And this new app allows you to change any color for your icon which is one of the cool features of Whatsapp Plus. It allows you to send bulky videos easily and also allows you to send more than ten images at a time. Isn’t it cool! Similarly, we have mentioned below all the remaining features.

  • With WhatsApp Plus, you have the facility to change the background color, notifications, chats color anytime.
  • This app comes with the high quality of images allowing you to send any images and also get clear pictures to compare to the original Whatsapp as it reduces the quality of images.
  • Whatsapp Plus has several themes where you can get both paid as well as for free, and you can change the whole appearance of your account.
  • It allows you to show your status to a particular person be it lengthy or small.
  • This app lets you see your friend’s status even while you chat with them which mean there is no need to go to your friend’s profile to see their profile hereafter. Isn’t that cool!
WhatsApp Plus Download
WhatsApp Plus Download
  • Another amazing feature of Whatsapp Apk is that it allows you to transfer your downloaded Whatsapp plus apk file from the hosting website link through your phone both internal and external memory.
  • Whatsapp Plus has more emoticons than the original WhatsApp which is a cool feature.
  • This new app allows you to send videos up to 500MB while the original Whatsapp allows you to send videos up to 16MB only.
  • As Whatsapp Plus comes with more themes, it has the facility to make your phone look attractive and stylish.
  • You can change your font color with this new Whatsapp Plus app.
  • The other provides you with a location device where you have the facility to send your location to your friend through the use of this Whatsapp Plus app.

Well, these are some of the interesting and amazing features of Whatsapp Plus Messaging App, and you can now send or receive messages, videos, any files instantly without any cost.

How to download Whatsapp Plus Apk on your device?

To download Whatsapp Plus app on your Android phone is very easy where you just have to go the hosting download link, and you will find an apk file of WhatsApp plus. After that just click on the link and your apk file will be installed on your device. But let me tell you, before going forward with the installation of the new WhatsApp Plus app on your device, you have to first uninstall the existing old version of your original WhatsApp from your device because the apk file for WhatsApp Plus is not available on Google play store.